Facebook recently added a new emoji to their collection - "Feeling Fat." After adding this new smiley though, an upset group started a petition asking the site to pull the emoji saying it promoted body shaming.

It has been a big topic lately - body shaming. In today's society of photo-shopping out flaws, and trying to be absolutely perfect, our bodies take a lot of hate (and a lot of time it's from ourselves).


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So when Facebook launched this new emoji "feeling fat," it's no wonder that some people got a little upset. According to Yahoo Health,

The group, Endangered Bodies, launched a Change.org petition, writing: “Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a natural part of our bodies, no matter their weight. And all bodies deserve to be respected and cared for.”


I understand that "Endangered Bodies" doesn't want this emoji to fuel body shaming, but I'm not sure a smiley face is going to do that. I believe that fat can be a feeling. When you go out to a restaurant and have a little too much to eat, you may tell your girlfriends that 'you feel fat.' It's not saying you 'think you're fat,' or sparking a discussion in that area - it's just saying that you ate a little more than you should have, and you feel it.

Yahoo Health says Facebook defended their new emoji in a statement to PEOPLE saying,

People use Facebook to share their feelings with friends and support each other. One option we give people to express themselves is to add a feeling to their posts. You can choose from over 100 feelings we offer based on people’s input or create your own.


Even though Facebook defended it's choices on the new emoji, they did decide to pull it. Now, the double-chinned smiley is under a new name - "feeling stuffed."


Facebook's New "Feeling Stuffed" Emoji
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I think Facebook made a smart choice - again, I don't think the emoji promoted body shaming, but changing the name still gets the point across, without upsetting anyone. Saying you 'feel stuffed' compared to saying you 'feel fat' is the same thing - just in a little less of an insensitive way.



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