It's big news all over - the next set of emojis set to be released! Of course everyone is fired up about the new 'taco emoji' but what about New York specific emojis? Did we get left out of the bunch... again?!


I complained about it last month - an app was created that gave Texans their own themed emojis (and no one has done this for New York yet). Has that changed? Is New York finally getting the emojis it deserves?!

Well, according to Mashable, 37 new emojis are being previewed by the Unicode Consortium (the organization that oversees the Unicode Standard). Mashable states,

The announcement comes as the Unicode Consortium released a new standard for its next-generation Unicode 8.0 on Wednesday. Not all platforms will include these specific emoji on future software updates, but the Unicode Consortium recommends its list as a guideline (it will be up to Apple, Google and other companies to create images based on this list).

So, what's on the list? (Besides the taco emoji - come on, we all know about that one already). A few food items - a wedge of cheese, popcorn, and a hotdog (sorry, no chicken riggies emoji yet). There are also new faces (like a zipped-lips face and a face with a head bandage), Zodiac symbols, a few added sports emojis, and even a few religious symbols.(You can see all the Standard Additions for Unicode 8.0 here).

Annnnddd... that's about it. There isn't any state specific ones (No love for New York yet), and not really any ones that are a big deal (except the taco - WE KNOW!!!). Rumor has it, another set will be looked over to be released in 2016. Cross our fingers New York makes the cut next time!



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