Job interviews can be scary and stressful enough.The only thing that makes them worse is when your interviewer asks you an absurd question that really puts you on the spot.

These are real questions that people have been asked on job interviews. Some questions seem to cross lines, and others are just odd questions to see how you think on your feet. Either way, it's highly entertaining.

A man applying for a management position was asked, "If you could be any shape, which one would you be, and why?"
-His response: "I would be a triangle, because I like to solve problems with a 3-sided approach."
(He wins by the way, for thinking so well on his feet).

A reporter was asked "What would you do if you were covering a farmer's market?"
-Ummm... Maybe do her job, and report on the farmer's market? Maybe?

Naomi Lynn then took to Facebook to see other questions people have been asked before. Here are just some of the responses...

Screenshot via Facebook

Matt Hubbell also shared the weirdest thing he was asked to do on an interview. While applying for a on-air radio position, he was asked to 'yell into a microphone.' - Which is really ridiculous, if you think about it. Why would you ever need someone to yell? That's pretty much what they tell you NOT to do.

Naomi Lynn also shares the crazy question she was asked...

During a job interview, the first question I was asked was "How many beers could I drink in an hour?"

I thought this was a question about responsibility, so I said, "One."

Their response? "Oh. You must not be a beer drinker."


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