My stepson Jack is off to summer camp for two weeks. Shopping for supplies over the weekend, we hit a minor snag. The picture displays the problem.

You'll notice the upper right portion of the package is torn. That’s because the nice employee at the New Hartford branch of Target broke it open for us in order to find out a crucial piece of information we needed to complete the purchase. Can you guess what it was?

The battery size needed for this specific flashlight. Nowhere on the packaging. Front or back.

You would think at some point during the final approval process there might be a meeting and some sort of quality control check to make sure this little piggy was ready to go to market. Even if it was a self-serving thought from the folks at Eveready/Energizer that had nothing to do with the consumer...

Intern #1: ”Uh, gee, you know if we put the required battery size on the package, our company might sell more batteries along with flashlights.”

Intern #2: “Yeah, cuz we do make batteries as well as flashlights, right?”

We tweeted the picture at the folks from Energizer/Eveready and explained the issue, but have yet to hear back. Since we’d already broken the package, we bought the flashlight. But we did go with another brand of battery—D-sized for those of you scoring at home.

Any other puzzled consumer stories to share with us for discussion on The Beth & Dave Show?



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