Every other Wednesday, we have the chance to help some kitties in the Mohawk Valley find their "fur-ever" home with the CPV Rescue and Sanctuary. I knew today was Wednesday and to expect that we'd be going live to meet the little guy or gal. But when I walked up to the front desk this morning to greet Mare, Operations Manager for CPV Rescue and Sanctuary, I was totally shocked in the best way possible.

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Why? There wasn't just one cat. Heck, there wasn't even two cats. THERE. WAS. FIVE! And honestly, when she brings in the adoptable babies, my heart melts every single time.

Mare calls this group the "Bob Ross" crew because they are all "painters." So naturally, their names match their appearance and personalities.

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Many in our Facebook live pointed out the fact that some of these babies have tails and others don't. That's actually the way that they were born, according to Mare. She said it's very similar to when some cats are born with six toes, it's just "something that makes them special."

Bob Ross is the orange and white with no tail. Vincent is the orange with a tail. Pablo is the orange with no tail. Georgia is the black tortie with no tail and Hilma is the black tortie with a tail. The 3 orange ones are all males and black ones are both females.

If you're interested in any of these babies, you can give the rescue a call or message them on Facebook to set up an appointment! They are accepting applications on the kittens, but they won't be available to take home for a few more weeks as they are still too little.

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