One nine-year-old's amazing cooking skills has landed her on Food Network's 'Kids BBQ Championship,' where you can see her preparing a dish with Central New York inspiration.

Raegan Frash may be a young girl, but she's no stranger to cooking or to the grill. And her cooking talents have landed her on 'Kids BBQ Championship,' where she will be competing for the $10,000 prize.

It's the sixth episode in season two of Kids BBQ Championship, called "Boardwalk Bites." According to the Food Network, this episode has the kids making a classic sausage dog, but putting their own take on it. If they make it to the final round, they'll have to create a grilled clambake.

And it sounds like Raegan knew she was going to use salt potatoes in one of dishes, before she even arrived for filming. According to,

The show gave the competitors some clues about what to cook, but not the specific menus. Raegan came prepared with the idea for salt potatoes. She also added shrimp, scallops and lobster to her clam bake...

Now, the episode has already been filmed (but hasn't aired yet), but Raegan can't say whether she has won or not. You have to wait and see the episode for yourself, which will air on the Food Network on Monday, June 19th at 8pm. If you miss it, you can catch a rerun of it on Tuesday, June 20th at 3am or the following Saturday (June 24th) at 1pm.

Our fingers are crossed for Raegan Frash from Skaneateles. We hope she can take home the grand prize. But even if she doesn't, we're proud she made it onto the show, and proud that she's giving a Central New York favorite (with a twist) some national recognition. Maybe they'll even mention Syracuse, and a little history of salt potatoes?? Guess we'll have to wait until Monday to find out.





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