What a year 2015 has been! Naomi Lynn dedicated a lot of time this year exploring the area, and learning what she could about CNY. These were her Top 5 adventures for the year.

A Collection of Adventures From New to Naomi
Naomi Lynn/TSM

This is probably the hardest list I've ever made - Seriously. Looking back, I've had a lot more adventures in Central New York in the past year than I realized. Between camping in the Adirondacks, checking out the Utica Zoo, building my first-ever snowman... It was so hard to narrow this list down to the Top 5. But after much thought, these were the winners.


April 28, 2015 - Searching for Gems at the Herkimer Diamond Mines

This is such a unique thing to do in Central New York, breaking open rocks and looking for hidden gems inside. I spent two days there - one in the museum looking at all the crazy stones and gems, and one day searching for Herkimer Diamonds. I found a few stones out there, but I definitely want to go back and get some more. It was such a great weekend!


August 3, 2015 - Amusement Rides, Fried Food, and Fun at the Boonville-Oneida County Fair

I firmly believe you are never too old for carnival rides, fried foods, and wandering around the fairgrounds. My first fair-experience in Central New York was at the Boonville-Oneida County Fair. (Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to check out the Great New York State Fair, but hey maybe next year. right?!) The day included my first ever deep-fried candy bar, riding some carnival rides I had never seen before, and checking out some of the vendors and shop booths.


January 19, 2015 Gambling and Good Grub in the Vernon-Verona-Sherill Area

Wayyyy back in the beginning of 2015, I headed into the Vernon-Verona-Sherill area to do some exploring in that part of Central New York. The adventures included a trip to Turning Stone Resort Casino (and me, walking away with a little cash from the gaming floors), pizza from Sherrill New York Pizzeria, and some driving around, which led me to find 'The Red Barn Gift Shop.'


May 12, 2015 - Kayaking on Canadarago Lake

It was the perfect way to kick off summer in New York. I had never been kayaking before, and I had never been out on the many, MANY lakes out here, so it was a great afternoon. We kayaked out on the lake and stopped on some of the islands - one which was overrun by geese (and I don't think they liked us on the island). It was a little chilly for the trip, but still absolutely worth it!


July 13, 2015 Activities During the Boilermaker Weekend

Boilermaker Weekend is an experience in itself. I had never seen anything like this before in my life! Thousands upon thousands of people all in the Utica area getting ready for the big race - I was just awe-struck throughout the whole weekend. I got to see the race right from the starting point, I got the chance to be in my first eating contest (which is honestly something I wanted to do for quite some time, now), and I got the chance to try my first 'Boilermaker Burger' - which was absolutely amazing!


Unfortunately, I couldn't include all my adventures in this list, and like I said earlier, picking out the Top 5 was ridiculously hard. I didn't even get a chance to mention Tubing in Westernville or heading up north to check out Lake Placid. With all the fun I had in 2015, I know 2016 is going to be filled with some awesome adventures, as well! I can't wait!

Happy New Year!




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