Adele is probably one of the most famous, and recognizable women on the planet, so how is it she doesn't get recognized even when she plays herself?  

Would you recognize a celebrity if they were dressed incognito? I was eating dinner at a Caribbean restaurant in Los Angeles when Ian Ziering attempted to disguise himself by wearing a knit cap and a fake mustache.  He did a fabulous job of concealing his identity because I would have never known it was him, had I not overheard him talking about his exhausting day on the set of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

Recently, Adele experienced a rebirth in popularity. Her success with the hit song "Hello" has everybody talking about her; she even graced the cover of this month's Rolling Stone Magazine. According to

Adele teamed up with the BBC's Graham Norton to pull the ultimate prank on some unsuspecting Adele impersonators. She transformed into "Jenny": fake chin, fake nose, different makeup and gloves to cover her tattoos. And then she went to an Adele-impersonator audition.

It's safe to assume that most of the Adele impersonators in this video are fans of the real Adele, but they had an extremely difficult time recognizing her...that is until she decided to start singing.