The second group of America's Got Talent quarterfinals have performed, and now have learned their fate. Out of the 12 acts that performed, 7 are moving on to the next round. Here are the results...

Dancers From 'DM Nation' of America's Got Talent
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Last night AGT announced the second group to make it through to the next round during their Results Show. Yesterday (before the show, obviously), I predicted the acts that would go through - some were right, others wrong, but even so it was an exciting Results Show.

America's Got Talent set up the show just like they did last week. The would call two acts down front, one would move on and one would go home. Except for the three acts that came in 6th, 7th, and 8th place. Those acts were pinned against each other and America could vote while the Results show was going on, to save one.

So... Here we go!

1 - Uzerya Novruzov vs. Damon Rippy

The Winner: Uzerya Novruzov

2 - DM Nation vs. Arielle Baril

The Winner: Arielle Baril

3 - Sharon Irving vs. The CraigLewis Band vs. Animation Crew

Look at AGT switching it up again... The Winner: The CraigLewis Band
Then, they pinned the remaining two acts against each other...

4 - Sharon Irving vs. Animation Crew

The Winner: Sharon Irving

5 - Myq Kaplan vs. Derek Hughes

The Winner: Derek Hughes

Now for the 6th, 7th, and 8th place acts that America was voting for during the show...

Ira vs. 3 Shades of Blue vs. Freckled Sky

America voted to keep Ira!

Then, the judges were able to pick one act from the last two -
3 Shades of Blue vs. Freckled Sky

The Winner: 3 Shades of Blue


I was surprised to see Freckled Sky and DM Nation go home, but that's just how this show works. All I can say is, it was another exciting episode of America's Got Talent, and I can't wait to see the next group in the quarterfinals and the Results Show to follow!




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