Beth and I had a revelation recently about an experience that's pretty common to most couples. When you do a thing every day without thinking, and then decide to examine that activity, sometimes it seems odd.

Our big epiphany occurred while holding hands. Beth in particular made an assumption, thought she was correct, then, upon further examination, realized she may have been wrong. And she was a little bit...devastated. (***Beth here -- I wasn't devastated -- I was just INTERESTED. Dave exaggerates.)

(***Dave here again, re-assuming control of this post.)

Apparently we don't hold hands the same way every time. Beth assumed it was natural and more comfortable with MY thumb on the outside, then the next day she interlocked with HER thumb on the outside.

What's more comfortable for YOU? Is Central New York predominantly ThumbUnder or ThumbOver? Do you THINK before you hold hands?


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