The Haunted Rails Ghost Train is returning this October 25th with Syfy Channel's Deep South Paranormal along for the ride.

As ghost hunting hit the mainstream with Ghost Hunters on Syfy Channel leading the way in TV reality shows, many teams have been able to showcase their own unique styles of investigating the paranormal. The latest show to take the coveted #1 Ghost Hunting reality TV show slot comes in the form of Deep South Paranormal on the Syfy Channel investigating unique historic locations like the Long Leaf Sawmill, Mount Helena Plantation House, Prat Cotton Grin Factory and more.

Syfy Channel describes the show as:

The quest for proof of the paranormal goes deeper than ever – Deep South that is. Deep South Paranormal follows a bayou-based team on a mission. Steeped in the rich history of their homeland, they want to unlock the mysteries that have baffled Southerners for years. They are a homegrown blend of self-proclaimed rednecks who share a passion for this part of the country and the paranormal events that take place there. They take on anything from swamp apparitions to haunted plantation houses and Southern voodoo legends.



Bama Boys Deep South Paranormal
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Continuing to explore the Haunted History of Central New York for a 4th annual Haunted History event, the Haunted Rails Ghost Train is coming back this year and bringing Deep South Paranormal's BAMA BOYS along for the ride.

Benny Reed, co-founder of DOA Paranormal and team member on Syfy's Deep South Paranormal (aka The Joker) and Jonathan Hodges, Team Lead on Deep South Paranormal (aka The Man With The Plan) and Co-founder of DOA Paranormal together are known as The Bama Boys.

Jonathan and Benny have been investigating the paranormal for years now and are looking forward to their first time exploring haunted locales north of the Mason Dixon Line.



Together with the NY Shadow Chasers, the Bama Boys will be investigating Remsen's Capel Cerrig (Stone Meeting House) and The Remsen Depot along with Haunted Rails Ghost Hunters to explore these historic haunted sites.


Those not investigating the haunted sites will have the opportunity to have a Halloween Bash at the Remsen Arts Center with drinks, DJ and a full Halloween Costume Party. As the night winds down and everyone boards the train back to the haunted historic Union Station the party continues with all of the ghost hunters and the Bama Boys along for the ride.

The Haunted Rails Ghost Train departs Union Station on October 25th.


Old Main Psych Center Exterior
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