Before you know it, Upstate New York will showcase beautiful colors for the 2016 fall season. Looking to enjoy the colors and get the full fall experience? Try booking a mini vacation up North. 

We took a look at TripAdvisor and picked the top hotels, motels, and cabins available throughout the Adirondack park. Here's the top rated places per locations:

Old Forge

Out of the 350 reviews for Pine Knoll Lodge & Cabins Inc, 290 marked this location as excellent. 52 reviews ranked this place as very good.


Eagle Bay

If you're looking to enjoy fall in the Eagle Bay area, look no further than the Big Moose Inn. Over 75 reviews have marked this location as excellent.


Tupper Lake

Shaheen's Motel, located in the village of Tupper Lake, has a long history of providing hometown hospitality and is truly a classic motel. Over 100 reviews have marked this location as excellent.


Lake Placid

With plenty of accommodation options available, Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa may be the right choice in the former Olympic town. Over 650 reviews have marked this hotel as excellent, over 150 have reviewed it as very good.



If you're looking to stay near Santa's Workshop, look no further than the Mountain Brook Lodge. This hotel has over 200 excellent reviews, and 37 very good.


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