It was a week filled with mating calls, topics that turn guys off on first dates, and various deep thoughts about Halloween candy. Here, in no particular order, were our Top 5 Highlights for the week of October 30, 2017:

1. Our Kenny G ticket giveaway centered on a sound we gathered while out and about, and we had fun listening to callers try to identify it.

2. One of our Kinda Hard Questions for the week: 21% of women will not bring WHAT up on a first date?

3. Pop superstar Sam Smith ("I Know I'm Not the Only One" and "Too Good at Goodbyes") admitted his desire to live out his elder years wearing a caftan, which caused a bit of a stir on our show.

4. In the week's best Your Momma Must Be So Proud story, a woman's bad decision with her 9-year-old son led to Dave's admission of a bad choice HE made years ago with HIS son.

5. A final discussion on trick or treating stemmed from our Coffee Talk segment on what your options are when you run out of candy on Halloween night.

If you have any suggestions about potential on-air segments, or stories to share with Beth & Dave, please feel free to write them in.


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