The week that began with my birthday (September 24th) was eventful for the Lite 98-7 morning show.

We handled crazy stories about celebrities and average moms, discussed an interesting aspect of my birthday that other folks probably relate to, took a call from a very excited Central New York prize winner in one of our recent contests, and argued about a new study about weight gain among couples. To hear a brief audio montage, click the video, and/or follow this description for The Best of Beth & Dave for the week of September 24, 2018:

-Hot Tub Winner. Boy, was she excited. Maybe as much for what was IN the hot tub as she was about the hot tub itself.

-Beyonce is a witch. That's the claim of one of the star's former musicians. Beth and I took sides in the debate.

-Love weight. A new study claims couples gain weight when they're together and explains why. Another chance for Beth to point out why I'm wrong.

-Life begins at 59. That's what I'm going with. We discussed whether we should make a big deal out of a birthday or just "low-key" it.

-Cell phone confiscation. Should it be illegal when parents do this to their kids? And should parents get jail time? Are we REALLY discussing this???


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