As I was out taking a walk along Genesee Street the other night, I heard a sound that instantly brought me back to summer as a child.  The sound of the icecream truck.  Oh, what a sweet sound and sweet memory too.

Summers as a kid, I spent so much time outstide playing with friends.  Whenever we'd hear the sound of the icecream truck, usually a block away, we'd each run home and try to find some spare change or bug our parents for some money to get the icecream before the truck drove away.  Such a big deal to get a treat when you're a kid, isn't it?  We all seemed to favor the Nutty Buddy icecream cones.  Remember those?   So when I heard the icecream truck the other night, not only did it remind me of childhood but I was also happy to hear that it's still around.   Long live the icecream truck!

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