When we were kids, the sound of the ice cream truck sent us running to our parents for a spare dollar so we could enjoy a push-up pop or an ice cream sandwich. Not anymore.

Ice cream truck are leaving neighborhoods in CNY because not enough kids are playing outside. How sad is that?

I know I've seen the same thing in our neighborhood - that forlorn ice cream truck circling the neighborhood, with nary a kid in sight. Maybe we need a mom ice cream truck, driving around serving ice cream and wine slushies. What about yours?

The owner of Skippy's Ice Cream in Liverpool says he's pulled out of neighborhoods for the same reason: not enough kids. He once had 12 trucks...now he's down to 5. He tells LocalSyr.com that he attributes the decline not just to kids electing stay inside, but also to the proliferation of sports camps and summer camps that take kids away from playing in their own neighborhoods.

Of course, there's also the ice cream truck that's been circling around New Hartford and Utica playing Christmas songs. Listen buddy - we know that makes your truck stands out - but not in a good way.

What do you think? Are ice cream trucks going to be another casualty of video games and changes in the habits of kids? Would you be sad to see them go?

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