A company decided to use a woman's picture, and tell her success story for using their product. The only problem... The woman had never used the product, and didn't know anything about it.

Weight-Loss Products
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Imagine getting a call from a close friend or a family member asking you about a product that you used - a product that decided to do a success story about you. The only problem is, the product your friend or family member is talking about, is something you have never used before. You have no idea what they're talking about, but sure enough they send you a picture - and it's definitely you.

Well, that's what happened to this girl. A weight-loss clinic decided to use her picture as one of their 'success stories.' The company made up the entire story about her, changed her name, but it was clearly her in the picture.

So what does this woman do? Well, probably the best thing someone could do in this situation - She calls them up, talks to the front desk for a little bit, then leaves a message for the 'doctor' - and she gets the whole thing on tape!

This woman handled the situation pretty well, considering what this company had done. Think about it - How would you handle this? Someone steals your picture or your info and makes a story around it - then they claim you used their product - pretty bold move, don't you think?




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