It was a busy week of topical and evergreen material for the Lite 98.7 morning show. One show produced the most phone calls for any single topic in the nearly one-year anniversary of the program. We also weren't short on morons, embarrassing family disclosures, and not-so-bright ideas.

Click the video above for a quick-hitting montage of our most recent audio highlights and/or follow along below for a description of the Best of Beth & Dave for the week of June 11, 2018:

Extreme/bizarre/disgusting road rage. Our daily 8:15 feature, Your Momma Must Be So Proud, brought us a doozy about a case in Pennsylvania that was hard to believe on a number of levels.

Name changes. If The International House of Pancakes can trade its "P" for a "B," what changes could we contemplate?

Odd words. Beth's family used a LOT of words for everyday items when her kids were younger, and we got some great calls on the topic from Central New York listeners.

Dishwasher utensil strategy. This topic took up an entire show on Wednesday. So many incoming phone calls, we had to chop up this segment into three separate parts, then edit some of THAT into our "Best Of" montage.


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