It's almost spring. Again. While waiting for the Central New York weather to break, we passed the time with discussions about parenting, cuddling, shopping, celebrity foibles, and the rules of dealing with the flu at work.

In order to hear a brief montage of our weekly highlights, just click on the video and/or follow along to the following description for The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of March 25, 2019...

-Drunk Shopping. We Americans spend a shockingly high amount of money each year on items we purchase (mostly online) while drunk. We examined this phenomenon.

-Cuddle Club. For men only. A group outside Philadelphia made news this week. We tried to wrap our heads around the concept of this idea working in Central New York.

-Kids' slang. A TV station in Toledo, Ohio went viral with a segment in which its news team used every hip or phrase from youths.

-Sick at work. I had the flu again and was taking antibiotics. I still made it in to work each day, which raised the question: Should you work when you're sick?

-Nicolas Cage. An annulment for the actor, just four days after his marriage. Is he the nuttiest guy in Hollywood?

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