The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of October 15, 2018 featured questionable parenting by celebrities, all sorts of discussion about the Mega Millions bounty up for grabs, an idiot north of the border who should've been up for a Darwin Award, and embarrassing admissions by yours truly.

Click on the video's PLAY button for an audio montage and/or follow along to the brief description below. Here are this past week's top five segments from the Lite 98.7 morning show, in no particular order:

-Fairy tales are harmless/harmful? That's the question we wrangled with after actress Keira Knightley disclosed an odd rule in her house.

-Lottery strategies. With over a billion up for grabs in two big lottery games, we discussed our crucial ideas on how and where to win.

-Swimming with sharks. It's not only an old movie, but it's what a guy in Canada was doing in a great episode of our daily 8:15 feature Your Momma Must Be So Proud.

-Mistaken identity. I THOUGHT it was someone I knew.

-Stuffed animals. The answer to one edition of our daily 7:05 feature The Kinda Hard Question provided some laughs.


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