If you love 'Cards Against Humanity' and being crude, here's your chance at a dream (part-time) job where you could earn $40/hour.

'Cards Against Humanity' is a card game where you have to complete a sentence using phrases written on the cards in your hand. If you've ever played, you know the phrases are offensive - like, REALLY offensive. (Full disclosure: I've had to LOOK UP some of the words on those card - and then wondered if the government was going to put me on some kind of watch list for Googling those words.) Let's put it this way: their tagline is "a party game for horrible people."

Now, the makers of the cards are hiring new writers. If you're hired, you get to work from wherever you are and in your pajamas - all for $40/hour. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

If your cards are solid, you’ll join their pool of remote contributors and make $40/hr writing poop jokes as needed — which is “sometimes,” according to their job posting. To apply, send them your best fifteen white cards and five best black cards. Submissions are due by August 31st. You can apply here and check out their tips for what makes a good card.

(You can also grab a set of cards at Amazon.com.)

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