Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat good food that they're just not used to eating? Every one does but here's a cool recipe that's fun to make and hopefully just as fun to eat. Sandwich Face!

Some kids like to help with making these meals and it makes them excited about eating it too- every kid is different. First you'll want to collect your healthy ingredients- some familiar and some not so much. Feel free to change out any of these items as long as they stay colorful, fresh, and provide variety.


Ingredients: serves 2

2 scrambled eggs (Protein)
2 pieces rye or whole wheat bread (Fiber)

1 carrot (Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals)
1 bell pepper (Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals)
4 raisins  (Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and can fight cavities)
1 cucumber (Vitamins A, C, K and Potassium)
alfalfa sprouts (Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals)

Special thanks to Nicko's Kitchen on Youtube for this fun recipe.

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