There's something oddly amusing about watching giant objects (like refrigerators and such), get destroyed. This video will not disappoint.

Have you ever thrown out something huge - say a couch, or an old copy machine? Even if you take it somewhere to get rid of it, don't you wonder what happens to it? Sure, places may take pieces out of a giant electronic or appliance, but what about the rest?

Well, this is a giant shredder used to smash down big objects into smaller broken pieces. Whether they use it to crush up materials and make them take up less space in landfills, or whatnot, it's still very pleasing to watch - for whatever weird reason.

Check out this Facebook video of the SSI Shredder as it rips apart a couch, a refrigerator, and a gigantic tire. Something about it is just oddly satisfying.

***Probably best to watch it with no sound - smashing and grinding metal just doesn't sound good...


The Monster ShredderThis is what happens to large things after you throw them out... Pretty awesome. Follow us:

Posted by UberFacts on Saturday, December 19, 2015


Pretty crazy, right?! Makes you wonder what the biggest thing it ever destroyed was - seeing as it could probably handle anything.
What happens if the SSI Shredder breaks? Do they... shred it in another SSI Shredder?



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