We may have had a couple of rough winter months complete with cold temperatures and a lot of snow, but we have to be grateful it wasn't anything like what a town in Australia had to go through. The Town of Chinchilla, without warning, was hit with a huge hailstorm on Saturday night that dropped softball-sized hail stones from the sky causing major damage!

This video is from a sporting event that was stopped due to the storm. Just listen to that! (Video Courtesy of Huffington Post).

The storm was so severe that some areas even lost power! According to an article on http://www.thechronicle.com.au/,

The storm has been described by Chinchilla crews as the worst they have experienced in more than 20 years with hail as large as tennis balls, cyclonic-level wind gusts, lightning and a deluge of rain. The outcome was widespread damage to the network, including high- and low-voltage fuses apparently knocked out by the hail, plus multiple power lines brought down as tree branches were blown into them.

Can you believe those grain silos?!? I will definitely take a little snow, cold and ice over giant ice balls falling from the sky. Either way, Spring is here and the warmer weather hopefully won't be too far behind!

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