We didn't all get to see the hail storm that hit the Utica yesterday, but for those who did, it looked kinda crazy to say the least.

What's up with the Central New York weather lately? Hail, cold, and snow?  Yes, it's true the National weather service has predicted snow for parts of the Adirondacks over the next couple of days.

Experts are also still predicting a hotter than normal summer. According to Syracuse.com:

The eastern half of Upstate New York could be 3 to 4 degrees above normal for the summer, said Accuweather meteorologist Paul Pastelok. Western New York could be even hotter, he said, because it will be at the edge of sprawling Midwest heat bowl that will stretch into the Canadian prairies.

One thing's for sure, the weather's anything but boring in CNY.

Check out video of the 2014 hail storm.