When it comes to health in New York state, not all counties are created equal. Which counties are the healthiest? And were do counties in Central New York rank?

Thanks to CountyHealthRankings.org for compiling all this information to find the healthiest and most unhealthy areas in the state. These findings are based on four key factors:

- Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviors (which includes smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and other behaviors)

- Clinical Care (which takes a look at the amount of uninsured people there are, and how many physicians, dentists, and other doctors are available)

- Social and Economic Factors (including children in poverty, violent crimes, high school graduation rate, and more)

- Physical Environment (which looks at drinking water issues, housing problems, and other factors)


After gathering all this information, CountyHealthRankings.org created their list of every county in New York, and ranked them accordingly.

The healthiest county (based on the factors above) in New York?

Nassau County

Other top healthy counties include: Putnam, Westchester, Saratoga, Suffolk, and Tompkins.

And what about the most unhealthy county?


Other top unhealthy counties include: Kings, Franklin, Sullivan, St. Lawrence, and Oswego.


So what about Central New York? Where did these counties fall on the list?

Out of the 62 counties:

- Oneida County: #47
- Lewis County: #46
- Herkimer County: #49
- Madison County: #17
- Onondaga County: #21
- Fulton County: #56
- Montgomery County: #50
- Hamilton County: #15

You can see where all the counties rank here.
You can also compare other statistics - like quality of life, length of life, or look at each factor individually.




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