We tried the new system for ordering food on Facebook for lunch on Monday in the Mohawk Valley. Here's how to do it: Just scroll toward the bottom of your phone--or the bottom lefthand side of the page on your computer or tablet. You might have to click the line reading "More..." to produce the utensils icon:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

After we clicked "Order Food," below is the partial list that popped up of participating restaurants in our neighborhood:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

Once you're on the page for the restaurant of your choice, you'll find menu options and, in some cases, minimum charges certain establishments have set in order to process your order. You may choose Pickup or Delivery.

We ordered a couple of sandwiches for delivery from Jimmy John's, which you see is less than a half a mile from our home. We completed the submission of our order at 12:32 PM and our doorbell rang at 12:56 PM.

Sal, the owner of the local Jimmy John's, delivered our order himself, 24 minutes from when it was sent. Prompt, friendly and accurate service. Facebook food works.