If you have the Facebook App on your phone, you may have noticed something is different.

Have you noticed the message button has moved on the Facebook App? (and no, that’s not the difference we’re talking about in this post – There’s more to this).

On your phone, at the bottom of the app there are five buttons:

(starting at the left) "NewsFeed," "Friend Requests," "**the new feature,** "Notifications," and "Menu."

You’ll see the middle button is something different – It’s a “Marketplace.” Have you taken a look at this feature on Facebook? If not, we suggest you do – At least take a moment to browse around.

Facebook uses your location and gives you a list of items for sale in a 40 mile radius of you – Even if they’re not your friends on Facebook, you can see what other people are selling. You can also add your own items to the list – Just snap a picture of your item, add a description and asking price, then post!

It’s like a giant continuous garage sale going on right through Facebook. You can find any type of product – From car tires to wedding dresses to kids toys. Pretty much anything you’re looking for, you could find. You can also search for a specific item or change your location – You can search in the Syracuse area, Albany, or wherever you want across the country.

If you use Craigslist or any other shopping or exchanging sites, you’ll love this new feature on Facebook. Check it out, search through the options, and enjoy!



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