What if you were walking down the street and a homeless person came up to you? Instead of asking you for a few dollars, he offers you money - because he wants to give back.

It surprises me (and maybe it shouldn't), how some people act. A few guys got together to do this social experiment on the streets of LA. How do people react when a 'homeless' man tries to give back money? The results may break your heart.

I mean, think about it... how would you REALLY handle the situation? Would you be too proud and throw it back in the man's face? Could you kindly and politely refuse the money? It's easy to say what we would do, but actually being in the situation...

WARNING: This video is NSFW - (language). Some of the words have been 'bleeped' out, but not all of it.

The message behind this video is so powerful, I knew I had to share it. Sometimes I think a lot of us could use a good, hard look in the mirror - and be reminded that we're all human. We all deserve respect and compassion. You never know what someone's story is, and we need to always remember that before we judge, before we let pride get in the way.



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