The iconic Hotel Utica has been seen presidents and dignitaries spend the night when they visit central New York. But is there a Tuxedo Man who haunted the hotel's Lamplighter Pub?

The New York Folklore Society tells this tale:

The Hotel Utica has a star-studded past involving celebrities from the fields of politics, sports, and entertainment. Franklin Roosevelt, William Taft, Mickey Mantle, and Judy Garland all stayed at the Hotel Utica, which was built in 1912 and renovated in the early 21st century. The hotel’s bar, the Lamplighter Pub, is one of the most comfortable parts of the hotel. Visitors and staff members claim to have heard spectral conversations and caught glimpses of an eerie figure called “Tuxedo Man.” They have also heard sounds of a big party emanating from the hotel’s ballroom. Like the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which inspired Stephen King’s novel The Shining, the Hotel Utica has earned its reputation as a place that party guests never want to leave, even after their deaths.

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