We've had a dollar bill on our kitchen counter top at the radio station all week. It's right there in the bottom-center of the pic.

The big questions are: Who put it there? Did they just forget it? Or, is this some sort of psychological test someone is pulling on us? Is there a secret camera set up somewhere in the kitchen to capture the petty Central New York thief who takes it?

Maybe we're overthinking this one. Maybe it was an innocent case of forgetfulness. Whoever left it there meant to use it to purchase a package of delicious Veggie Straws in the vending machine, then realized that selection was gone. (Sorry, I got the last package.)

Maybe they were conducting the "dollar bill test" to check the seal on the company fridge. According to GreenLivingIdeas.com, when you open your refrigerator door, then close it on half of dollar bill (with the other half sticking out), then gently pull on the bill, there should be a little resistance if the seal is solid.


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