Have you ever wondered how people in New York City see the rest of the state? What about how they feel about Central New York? Well, we have the answer.

Living in Central New York, we view New York City in a completely different way (especially compared to how others see New York City around the country). But with the tables turned, have you ever thought about what they may think of us?

The good people at Thrillist created a map that depicts how New York City views the rest of our state - And the results? Considering how we generalize New York City a lot, the results seem... Well, what you would probably expect.

There wasn't anything on the map for the Utica and Rome area, but they did mention Syracuse. The map shows a picture of a basketball and states, "Where Carmelo actually won stuff." Ouch. And for Albany? It wasn't any better. It showed a picture of a house and was making fun of the fact that that's where the governor has to live.

Check out some other descriptions of New York state from people in NYC, on the snippet of the map below:

Snippet From Thrillist's Map of How NYC Views the Rest of New York
Photo Credit: Thrillist

You can check out the full New York state map from Thrillist here.




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