The first full week of June brought a close inspection of the lyrics of one of Lite 98.7's current hit songs, a hot-button controversy in a Central New York school district, a thought-provoking clip from a TV show, and a vice of Beth's that just won't go away.

Just click the video above for audio highlights from the week and/or follow this rundown of The top 5 Best of Beth & Dave for the week of June 4, 2018:

-Hugging from behind. Part of the lyrics in Camila Cabelo's smash hit song "Havana." Apparently women are fond of this affectionate move?

-What's in YOUR ear? When we discussed the new procedures for children with head lice in the Rome school district, a woman named Julie called with her own horrifying health scare that made us cringe.

-Things you'll never outgrow. Sean Mendes told James Corden on late night TV he loves Harry Potter movies so much, he thinks he'll never outgrow them. We clocked in on the same subject.

-Signs you're getting old. Beth's had a tough time recently with her eyes. I'm hoping my sign is yet to come. What's YOUR sign?

-The Kinda Hard Question. Every day at 7:05, we ask, you guess, and it never fails to amuse and illuminate. Wednesday's edition was special, because it touched on something that Beth struggles with daily.


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