With the extremely cold winter weather this weekend I couldn't get out to try some skiing, but that wasn't going to stop me from having some fun. I decided to give ice skating a try for 'New to Naomi.'


Naomi Lynn/TSM

Sunday I headed to the New Hartford Recreation Center to go play on the ice. They have open skate for the public almost everyday of the week, and it's pretty cheap. It was five dollars for the two hour skate, and five dollars to rent. Not too bad for a day out, right?!


The place was packed! Seems like the thing to do on a cold winter day. It was too cold to be outside skating, so you might as well be inside enjoying the ice. Everyone out on the ice ranged in skill level, from people like me just trying not to fall over, to kids whipping by, skating backwards, and having some really fancy foot-work. Ages ranged, too. You had young kids just learning to skate, teenagers hanging out for the day, older couples holding hand and skating by - it really is the perfect activity for anybody.


Naomi Lynn/TSM

I didn't take a video of my skating (smart choice, I think). No one needs to see me falling on my butt a hundred times. Even with falling, I have to say it was a fun way to spend my day. I actually want to buy my own pair of skates now, and practice.

Watch out - I might actually get good enough not to fall! Maybe I'll even learn how to stop, or turn around.