Even if you don't know what the 'Mighty Marysville' is, it's fun to watch demolitions and implosions, isn't it?

As you probably already know Naomi Lynn was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. Just outside of her hometown, and where she spent most of her time growing up is the town of Marysville.

For years, a huge building stood on the edge of Marysville and Port Huron - the 'Mighty Marysville.' The building was actually a former coal-burning power plant for the Detroit Edison Company, but it was closed down in 2001. Even though it wasn't being used for years, it was still a landmark, a huge sight to see right on the St. Clair River. But unfortunately, that all changed over the weekend.

Communication Arts students from the Marysville High School caught the implosion on video, and took many different shots to put this whole demolition video together.

What an implosion! The 'Mighty Marysville' was demolished at 8am on Saturday morning (November 8th). The rubble will be cleared, and plans of condos, stores, and even a possible marina will take it's place.




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