Haunted locations vary greatly from creaky old houses to churches and even revolutionary war battlefields but some of the most haunted locations are those you wouldn't expect. One of the most reportedly haunted locations in Central New York is actually the New Hartford High School.

The first schoolhouse was built in the early 19th century on property given by Joshua Palmer and served by the first recorded teacher, Samuel Dakein in 1815. The schoolhouse served the community until it was replaced in 1869 by a new brick building.

New Hartford High School

In 1890 A.M. Scripture, principal and professor began advocating for the development of a full high school with Regents supervision and in 1899 the New Hartford High School was established just as the town of New Hartford was chartered.

The point school was constructed in 1901 but it is the Oxford Road Building that was opened in 1932 that became known as the New Hartford High School. It was not long for rumors to begin circulating about odd phenomena on the grounds that led to the school gaining its haunted reputation.

The reputation begins with a plaque that can be found on the school property that explains that the property used to be a burial ground for pioneers to the region. The plaque states:

The memorial, a monument on the present Central School grounds over a vault containing bodies of pioneers, reads: “Site of the old burying ground, 1788-1953, in memory of those hardy pioneers who helped found a nation and who settled this village and valley.”


The reports state that most of the remains were removed to the Greenlawn Cemetery in New Hartford however, not all remains were moved prior to the construction of the New Hartford High School.

Not all of the bodies were moved, remains have been found recently...

In 2009 the Utica OD reported that there were remains that were found on the grounds during maintenance and construction. There are numerous reports over the decades of more remains being found in 1990, 1950's and even when construction began in the 1930's.

This has led to numerous reports of glimpsing shadowy apparitions roaming the grounds, phantom sounds of laughter and even impossibly moving objects. There are multiple reports of a ghostly janitor that wanders the halls that have even led some to quit over their ghostly encounters.

A high school built over an old pioneer burial ground and remains that weren't all moved as the construction took place are certainly a cause for hauntings but is the New Hartford High School actually haunted? Recently, Psychic Medium Maureen Hancock came to the school and after her show we asked the question.

Is The School Haunted?

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