Comedian Jim Gaffigan can be held responsible for a lot of things, but is sending a woman into labor one of them?

Well, Julie Kolb's family is giving him credit for sending her to the maternity ward, after she and her husband went to his show just hours before.

Her son, which they say will not be named after the comedian, was born three weeks early - That has a lot of people believing that her laughter triggered the early labor. Julie's father and husband believe it. And we don't doubt it either.

As for Julie, she's not quite sure if that was the cause of the early labor. She told Buffalo News,

"After the show the baby was just going crazy. I thought, he's probably punishing me because I just vibrated his home for two hours by laughing,"
..."For real do I believe it? I don't know. Probably not."

Either way, before the show she had joked with father that maybe the laughing would send her into labor. So it looks like she had gotten what she wanted.


The comedian is currently on his "Fully Dressed Tour," with stops across all across the country, Canada, and England.




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