Can Justin Bieber just get a chauffeur? Seriously, the kid has the money for it, and with every passing traffic violation it seems like a smarter decision. His most recent vehicular trouble came in the form of an alleged hit-and-run outside a Los Angeles club.

So here's what went down -- TMZ reports Justin was leaving the Laugh Factory in the City of Angels with his partner in crime (literally), Lil Twist. Of course, wherever The Biebs goes, so does the paparazzi, who were in the way of his white Ferrari as he tried to leave. Justin motioned for the photogs to move (b-----, get out the way), but they did not listen and one appeared to get pinned between Bieber's car and another parked auto before falling down. That particular paparazzo was then taken to the hospital via ambulance to treat his injuries.

The LAPD interviewed Justin, his reps, as well as witnesses before determining that Bieber was not at fault, as the paparazzo was considered a pedestrian in the roadway. Next time, it may not be their fault, Bieber, so you better watch yourself!

We'd also like to note that even though Bieber was cleared of any fault, he also came much too close to hitting a security guard who was trying to keep the photogs at bay. Justin, you gotta be careful, man!