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I wish I was lying to you, but I have spend a good portion of my day today shopping on Amazon for a large amount of items that we need for our house. What makes today so special? Well, it's Prime Day, and I am a Prime member.

Amazon Prime is a membership that you pay for with the retail giant. It comes with a bunch of benefits, including delivery, streaming and digital, reading, shopping and more.

I like shopping with Prime mainly because of the fast delivery, and because having Prime gives me access to Prime video. It's the streaming service for Amazon, and they have a lot of great shows on there that we like to binge watch.

There were a few deals that I took advantage of today not only for the house, but I did get a few things that I needed in general that were just super convenient to get during Prime Day.

I wanted to share with you just a few of the things I purchased today and that I am ultra excited about.

Kaylin's Prime Day Purchases

Credit: Amazon

We have a Roomba but it doesn't pick up the cat hair around the house like I wish it did. We had a Bissell vacuum for the longest time, then I brought it over to the house while doing renovations and it's all dirty and gross. It was time to get something new, and I've heard nothing but insanely good things about Shark products. This one retails for $299.99 and is normally on Amazon for $199. Today, I snagged it for $127.99. 44% off!

Credit: Amazon

I wanted to get some nice dishes and mugs that matched for when we have friends over for dinner parties. I've had luck in the past with all of the AmazonBasics that I've purchased, so I decided when I saw these that it was a deal I could not pass up. So much so, I ordered two sets! These normally are on Amazon for $30.99 but today they are on sale for $18.49.

Credit: Amazon

I am absolutely in LOVE with this rug and I think it will compliment the new look of our home perfectly. It's that perfect mix of neutral colors to go with our floors, furniture and wall colors. It's 20% off today, priced at $114.59.

Credit: Amazon

This was Konrad's purchase but I can't help but be excited myself about it as it has so many cool specs and features. A quad core processor, nano color, 4k resolution and the fact that LG TVs are the first to integrate both the Google Assistant and Alexa with LG ThinQ AI technology? Lot's of "techy" terms there, but it sounds amazing so sign me up. Normally this bad boy retails for $899, today it's running for $499.99 - 44% off!

Credit: Amazon

Finally, last but not least, I bought some new silverware. I've been looking to get new for a while but have been putting it off. I saw these while browsing and thought they looked great so I got them. They are on sale for $26.99 today, regularly $29.99. Hey, even 10% off is a good deal for me.

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