I always get really upset whenever the Workday Payday comes back around that I'm not eligible to play, so be thankful that YOU are and that YOU could win up to 10 thousand dollars!

It's something that I'm forced to think about quite often because I'm the one who gives out the most code words each day. Today, I actually had someone ask me: "Kaylin, what would you do if you could win the money?"

The current status of my life can only be described in one way: busy. Between work, my side hustle (The Grater Good Utica,) the renovations that are constantly happening on the new house Konrad and I just purchased, trying my best to maintain my relationships with my friends and family, all while trying to maintain a healthy mental status - it's a lot to handle.

If I was the winner of ten grand, theoretically I would want pay off a chunk of my student loan debit. I don't need that hanging around any longer. But let's be realistic here, what would I ACTUALLY do with it?

I for sure would definitely set some of it aside for bills, no doubt. But I wouldn't set ALL of it aside for that.

I'm desperately in need of a vacation. And at this point, I don't even care where it is. I need a break from everything. Everyone needs time to just unplug and relax. The last time I took off wasn't really time "off" per say, it was the week we closed on the house and it was when the crazy busy part of my life started. The time to not worry about anything is definitely needed.

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