It feels like February in Central New York, but the calendar says April. So, if we sound sluggish and ornery on the air, there's your reason. If we don't sound ornery and sluggish (ornerish? sluggery?), you might want to adjust your radio.

At least we had a lot of great material to work with this past week or so, with a Friday the 13th, a tax deadline day, some bizarre criminals, and the usual average, everyday stuff that we all go through. Click the video above for audio highlights from the week of April 16, 2018, and here's a brief rundown of this week's Best Of Beth & Dave:

1. Kiddie cussin'. Or safe profanity. We talked about this a couple of times this week after Beth cut loose with one on the air and we got a phone call about it.

2. Superstitions. Beth is the queen of them, but I confessed to one that she had no clue about.

3. Strange McDonald's robbery. Of all the items at a Golden Arches location, this guy wanted WHAT? It made for one special episode of Your Momma Must Be So Proud, our daily 8:15 feature.

4. Tax deadline quiz. Beth wasn't very confident, but she passed with flying colors. You can listen and play along.

5. GPS issues. We discussed the various features of the voice-prompts on my favorite app, Waze, and it led to an on-air smackdown.


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