Of all the signature Utica foods, "pusties" are definitely the sweetest! We have some of the best pastry shops in the area and most of them serve up their version of the "pasticciotti", but what if you wanted to make your own at home?

To make pusties, you need pustie tins. And you won’t find pustie tins in any Walmart. (Sal DeTraglia)

There are quite a few steps in this project, but it should be worth it. Sal DeTraglia is an ex-Utican who has put together this incredible recipe. Remember, it won't be easy.

Then there’s the baking. This is the most frustrating part. Why? Because the top of the pusty is exposed to the oven’s heat…whereas the bottom and sides are shielded by the tin. This means, all too often, that your beautiful pustie—whose top looked so crisp and golden brown when you pulled it from the oven—emerges from the tin a doughy, undercooked tragedy. (Sal DeTraglia)

You can experiment with the filling too. Personally, I am dreaming of a chocolate and peanut butter filling - like a peanut butter cup pustie.

You can find the full recipe on Sal's website.


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