Here are the questions and answers for this week's Morning Mindbender Trivia...

Monday 3/27: Over the past year here in the US, nearly six thousand women have given birth in this particular place... Where were they when they gave birth?

Answer: In a vehicle (on the way to the hospital).

Tuesday 3/28: Nearly one-in-every-eight pet owners have seen a lawyer for this reason... Why did they see their lawyer?

Answer: To add their pet to their will.

Wednesday 3/29: According to a new survey, just over half of all American adults don't know this important information about their financial situation... What don't they know?

Answer: Their current credit score.

Thursday: 3/30: Survey says, this is the number one beauty treatment women give themselves without telling anyone... What do they do?

Answer: Wax or bleach above their upper lip.

Friday: 3/31: Each week here in the US, nearly three-quarters of a million people will buy something at this place... What is it?

Answer: Garage or yard sale.





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