Here are the questions and answers to your Mindbender Trivia for the week of Monday, April 3rd through Friday, April 7th...


Monday 04/03: According to their website, over 4,000 people work for this Central New York attraction... What is it?

Answer: Turning Stone Resort Casino

Tuesday: 04/04: This local Mohawk Valley factory has been in the same location for 189 years, still employs thousands, and has a museum and country store... What is the name of the company?

Answer: Remington Arms in Ilion

Wednesday: 04/05: Survey says, 1-in-25 Americans have never used this place and never plan to if at all possible... What is it?

Answer: A public restroom

Thursday: 04/06: Survey says, 1-in-5 married women don't think the way their husband originally did this was very romantic... What is it?

Answer: The way they proposed

Friday: 04/07: According to the experts, peanut butter is second, but this is the number one smell that kids under 12 recognize... What is it?

Answer: Pizza





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