You can test your knowledge with our Q&As from this week's Morning Mindbender Trivia...


Monday 05/01: The average American will spend about two years of his or her life waiting for this... What is it?

Answer: For food to be served

Tuesday 05/02: Just over 40% of college students don't have this in their kitchen... What is it?

Answer: Spices

Wednesday 05/03: More than 50% of Americans say they take 15 minutes or less for this everyday... What is it?

Answer: Lunch

Thursday 05/04: Nearly 50% of people have admitted to doing this at work, when they really shouldn't be... What is it?

Answer: Watching YouTube or Facebook videos

Friday 05/05: Nearly 55% of women have made their partner do this before going out... What is it?

Answer: Change their shoes





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