If you missed any of the questions and/or answers to Mindbender Trivia this week, we have them here for you...


Monday 05/15/17: Over 85% of married couples say doing this activity together has improved their relationship... What is it?

Answer: Cooking together

Tuesday 05/16/17: About 80% of Americans think they're good at this, although most who believe they're good at it really aren't... What is it?

Answer: Spelling

Wednesday 05/17/17: About 45% of couples argue about this in the car... What is it?

Answer: Where to park

Thursday 05/18/17: Drivers are doing this about 12% more than they did 5 years ago... What are they doing?

Answer: Honking their horn

Friday 05/19/17: People are more than twice as likely to do this on a Friday than any other day of the week... What is it?

Answer: Go out to eat






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