We have all the questions and answers to this week's Mindbender Trivia from your More Music Morning Show...


Monday 05/08: According to a new survey, men wearing socks with sandals is the number one fashion fail. This was number two on the list... What is it?

Answer: The "man bun"

Tuesday 05/09: Almost 10% of adults say this is the most stressful thing they do all year... What is it?

Answer: Go on vacation

Wednesday 05/10: More than 70% of women have admitted to doing this at work at least once in their lifetime, but less than 25% of men admitted to doing the same thing... What is it?

Answer: Cry

Thursday 05/11: 20 years ago, people did this an average of three times a day. Today, most people do this two or three times a week (if that)... What is it?

Answer: Talk on the phone

Friday 05/12: According to a new survey, almost 30% of people admit to doing this at least once a day while driving... What is it?

Answer: Daydreaming





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