Feeling smart? See how well you can do with our Morning Mindbender Trivia questions for the week of April 17th.


Monday 04/17: This is the most popular hobby in the world... What is it?

Answer: Collecting stamps

Tuesday 04/18: Some people find this habit a little gross, even though 15% of Americans do it... What is the habit?

Answer: Biting their fingernails

Wednesday 04/19: This state doesn't border any oceans, but it still has more lighthouses than any other state... What state is it?

Answer: Michigan

Thursday 04/20: Sometimes people have these animals for pets, although 4% of Americans are allergic to them... What animal is it?

Answer: A hamster

Friday 04/21: Nearly one-third of Americans are embarrassed by the appearance of this... What is it?

Answer: Their car





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