Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Morning Mindbenders for the week of 1/17/17.

Monday 1/16:  Survey of us have made this fashion mistake at least once.  Men have done it slightly more than women.   A:  Going out with the tag still on our clothes

Tuesday 1/17:  You probably see many of these everyday, and federal law requires every one to be the same shade of red.  A:   Tail lights (when lit)

Wednesday 1/18:  Before the early 1970's, 1-in-5 TV commercials advertised this product.  Since then, none have.   A:  Cigarettes

Thursday 1/19:  This is the number 1 line of products that Americas use coupons for.  A:  Hair care products

Friday 1/20:  The names "Horseshoe," "American," and "Bridal Veil" have one thing in common.   A:  Niagara Falls


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