Misplace the TV remote? Forget your phone at home? What's the most common item Americans end up forgetting about?

There's no doubt life is busy, and with a busy life comes scattered brains. We're all trying to balance a millions things, so forgetting things just sort of happens.

Most of the time when you think of forgotten or misplaced items, you think of your phone or car keys. Those are the top two. Other common items include chapstick, glasses (if you wear them), a sock - because you can never have a pair, one sock always has to go missing or get "eaten" by the washer or dryer, your credit card or driver's license, and other items that mysteriously disappear.

Car Keys on the Bathroom Toliet Paper Roll
Polly Wogg/TSM

Naomi Lynn forgets a very odd object. She forgets this item at least twice a week, and doesn't understand why she can't ever remember it. She says,

I always forget to bring a towel with me when I get in the shower. I don't get it! I've been taking showers forever, and yet I still can't remember that I need a towel when I'm done. It's the most ridiculous thing, but I honestly forget at least a few times a week.

What's something you always lose or forget? Is it something common like car keys or the TV remote? Or is it something more bizarre?
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